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The love of my Dad would never have wanted me to suffer from this disease as he did.

I lost Dad 10 years ago from asthma and COPD. I am glad he did not know that he might have passed a gene to me which left me with the same disease he had.

When I found out for sure that I now have these diseases I think I surprised my doctor. I think she was expecting me to get upset or cry.

Many people call these diseases a death sentence but, that is only if you let it win. We all will die before we leave this Earth at some point. That is for sure, as to how many days you have left and what you plan to do with them that is up to you.

I for one plan to enjoy what time I have, doing things that make ME happy. One thing that makes me happy is to give to others.

Therefore, I am very busy deciding who to donate what to. That should keep me busy for a long time. You see the Lord has blessed me with too much and now I get to share it with others and watch THEM enjoy it.

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Source: CureUp